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We are an escort service, which is looking for new Escort Call Girls, Bisexual Gigolos and Shemales with a minimal age of 21. We would like to explain how it is to work as an escort and how it all works within the escort industry. We focus on people who want to work in a legal way as an escort. Important is that you like to have sex and would like to pleasure customers. It is also important that you are willing to learn about massage and customer approach. Earnings of € 300 - 500 a day are easily possible.

What we offer and how does it work?

We offer a varied job in a friendly team and management, where you can decide what services you render and what times you want to work. Working as an escort means that you will provide an erotic act for a fee. This may also be accompanied, for example, a dinner date. You can choose to work full time, but also students who are looking for a great part-time job can turn to us. An escort works often at variable times and every customer is different. That makes it varied and exciting work. A customer can have a certain dress desire or fetish. This will also be discussed in advance with the escort, so you know what to expect. An escort is discrete at all times visiting customers at their home address or in a hotel. Our escort agency will schedule all appointments for you and advertise through various media channels. We also provide extra security, because a chauffeur will drive you to the customer and you will use a smartwatch. The driver will wait for you in the immediate vicinity. Obviously not for the door because discretion is very important!

Without worries, you can earn a lot of money

You are provided with all fixed facilities and tax is paid for you. The work is solely on a legal basis through the opting-in scheme. We do the administration and the scheduling for you. So you do not subsequently get stuck with nasty attacks from tax. We do everything to leave you without worry and enjoy your work. The other possibility is to work as self-employed.


When we arrange an appointment for you, this will always be discussed with you. A driver will pick you up and drive you to the customer. An escort service is already paid or will always be paid immediately before the date by the customer. Any additional actions are discussed in advance and paid before. After the date, you will be picked up by our driver.

Other escort agencies

You are always free to work for other agencies, but we like to recommend the escorts, to our customers, who are working exclusively for us.

When you are interested please send an E-mail with your Name, Phone Number, Age, Residence and a Picture to info@friendsescort.com and we try to reply shortly. You can also use the form below.

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