We provide 5 High Class Escort Experiences

5 facts that enrich your High Class Escort Experiences

  1. We are privileged to promote the best escorts. You will find beautiful and dazzling companionship.
  2. Take your time to read each escorts profile. You will hit all the information of the courtesans on their profile page, as well as the answers to most of your questions.
  3. Meet mutual interest as it is meant by your ultimate experience.
  4. Experience passion and feeling. Together we experience a natural desire.
  5. Enjoy insane intimacy and feel the joyful excitement of your body.

Girlfriend Experience (GFE) escort, GFE escort

A Girlfriend Experience (GFE) is a special experience in which you and the escort will experience friendly and emotional intimacy. You are in mutual love company. Which will blur the boundaries between client and escort. Where personal interaction is a base, where will arise a romantic and special experience. The GFE friends escorts embody a sense of authenticity, to make the magical and exhilarating experience more enjoyable for themselves and for you. You will be amazed at the feeling and passion that you will experience with your new girlfriend. An unrestrained, captivating and glamorous experience will be yours.

Pornstar Experience (PSE) escort, escort PSE

As the Pornstar Experience (PSE) suggests this experience will give you a genuine porn star feeling. Here, the escort will accompany you to your wildest dreams come true. You will experience a hot, willing and playful escort and get bold, wild and passionate sex. The horny, beautiful and shameless escort will motivate, encourage and excite you like no other. The friends-escort who embody the PSE will moan louder, let you dominate, like different positions and give you pure sexual pleasure. The PSE is rougher and nastier but wonderfully stimulating and satisfying.

Virgin Experience

At the virgin experience you will be guided when you are not so experienced in the erotic plane. Everyone is important and everyone wants to be seen as special. You are for us the most important and we will do everything to let you experience this special moment. The escort will accompany and reassure you with your first steps in making love. We think it is not crazy or weird that you are not so experienced. We find it fun and challenging to help you in your new discoveries. We are thrilled to bring you more confident and we might see you as an expert by experience afterwards. We are fully at your service, please can we help you?

Thai Happy End Experience

If you ever experienced a "real" Thai massage you know that your body feels rejuvenated. Your body will be put, during the Thai massage, in various yoga positions. You will be massaged with knees, elbows, fingers, boobs and lips. Your muscles are kneaded until the last bit of tension is gone. Limbs are stretched and extended, your back will be bent into a smooth curve. The massage aims to harmonize the body to release blockages and to eliminate failures along the energy lines. The escort is trained by the best Thai masseuse in the Netherlands. Besides the fantastic massage, you will get an unprecedented "happy ending".

Kama Sutra Experience

Kama Sutra is created in the Hindu tradition. Here the body is seen as the sexual expression of spirituality and not as in the Western tradition as a body that is sinful. In the teachings of the Kama Sutra, all body parts will be discovered. The mouth is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and the most versatile. You can use your lips or tongue to kiss, lick, suck, rooting or to nibble at each area of the body of your partner. While making love you make eye contact. Look into the eyes of your escort to increase your feelings of intimacy. You will discover through the many positions and stands and experience everything from the Kama Sutra.


Our escorts also will offer additional services, which are reflected in their profiles. Like an Erotic Massage, Bisexual duo bookings, anal sex (A-levels) and BDSM (dominant and submissive). BDSM actually stands for Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), and Sadism and Masochism (SM). All the additional services are available for no extra fees. The offered extras are provided by the escorts because they enjoy them. If you want to give your escort some extra, you can give her a tip. Gratuity or anything extra of course will be appreciated, but is never required.