Prices for a High Class Escort Booking

Type Of
Booking &
Friends &
1 Hour --- --- € 225
2 Hours --- € 395 € 425
3 Hours € 520 € 570 € 620
4 Hours € 645 € 720 € 795
6 Hours € 725 € 860 € 995
8 Hours € 790 € 990 € 1190
12 Hours € 895 € 1145 € 1395
24 Hours € 1150 € 1550 € 1950
Extra Day € 950 € 1250 € 1250
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Friends Booking = Full-time company

Friends & Lover Booking = Half of the time outdoors, and the half of the time intimate

Lover Booking = Full-time intimate

The prices listed here are included 21% VAT, including travel expenses, to a maximum of 100 km one way starting from Rotterdam. No extra fee is charged for payments by bank transfer, cash, crypto coins or debit card. When you pay with Credit Card you pay 5% extra costs. During the booking, you can indicate how you wish to pay. There are no discounts, prices are not negotiable and must all be paid in advance the appointment or date with the escort.

Bank Transaction: Payment via bank is always possible if your payment arrives at us beforehand booking. No extra fee is charged.
- Dutch bank account: At least 2 days in advance.
- Foreign bank account: At least 4 days in advance.

Cash / Down Money: This is the most common way of paying. At the date with the escort, you can pay Cash beforehand to the escort or the driver. No extra fee is charged.
- Cash payment in Euros: Our drivers and/or our escorts do not have change with them.
- Cash payment in USD or GBP: We calculate the exchange rate of the day through Please inform us in advance.

Credit Card: We accept Visa and Mastercard via our Mobile Pin Device. You pay 5% extra costs for using a Credit Card. Beforehand, you can specify (when booking) you want to pay through the Mobile Pin Device by credit card. Upon arrival, you can pay for the escort or driver by credit card via the Mobile Pin Device.

Crypto Coins: With Crypto Coins, you have the opportunity to anonymously and discreetly make your payment. We use CoinPayments. Here you can pay with Crypto Coins like Bitcoin. For more information: You have to pay no later than 8 hours before your appointment. No extra fee is charged.

Debit Cards: It is possible to pay by Debit Card via our Mobile Pin Device.
- In advance (when booking) you can indicate that you want to pay by Debit Card. Upon arrival, you can pay for the escort or the driver with your Debit Card by Mobile Pin Device.
- Dutch Debit Cards: We accept all Dutch Debit Cards.
- Foreign Debit Cards: We accept foreign Debit Cards with the Maestro logo.

In the event of a technical failure of the available Mobile Pin Device, everything will be done in order the payment can take place. There can be chosen to pay in another way, for example, a different method of payment at an ATM. The extra time involving this other payment method is not deducted from your booking. The related travel expenses come fully at our expense off course.
Deposits will not be returned. Outstanding payments are valid for a maximum period of 12 months following the lapse. If a large deposit is done with the intention to use it for multiple bookings, the period of validity starts at the time the payment arrives or the date of the last entry is paid.
If one is not in time fulfill our due payment we will send you a reminder by e-mail or phone. If after 5 days still no payment is received by us we are forced to call in a collection agency. Additional costs are for your account.
You can receive an invoice after each booking. We use for the bill a registered name with a discreet consultancy. We do not recommend to use our invoice in your business administration as this is a private issue.

Types of Booking
The escorts are available for the Friends Booking, the Friends&Lover Booking and the Lover Booking.

Friends Booking
With this kind of booking it is not allowed to kiss, to hug or touching each other in a different way. There is no intimacy and/or erotic contact between you and the escort. If you book for one night or several days a Friends Booking you need to book a private room for the escort in a hotel as well. If you ask for sex acts during a Friends Booking, you have to change the booking to a Friends&Lover Booking or a Lover Booking. You can instruct the escort to contact us. We will then contact you to discuss the possibilities and changes.

Friends&Lover Booking
Friends Escort uses a special Friends&Lover Booking from 2 hours. A Friends&Lover Booking is a booking where you will meet your escort in your hotel or private residence. Then you will experience together with a romantic dinner on location to get to know each other better. After dinner, you go together back to your hotel or private residence. More than half of the time you spend together at a Friends&Lover Booking is publicly in the form of a dinner, theater, concert or other entertainment facilities. At a Friends&Lover Booking is no intimacy for dinner, but hereafter there is intimacy.

Lover Booking
Friends Escort uses a Lover Booking which starts at a minimum of 2 hours. During the Lover Booking is the whole time intimacy possible. You will receive your escort at the hotel or at your private residence.