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Privacy Policy

Friends Escort, has this confidentiality declaration (privacy policy) designed to protect your privacy data and towards you showing our clear obligation. We will never share your name, email address or other identifying information to sell, rent or otherwise distribute to third parties without your consent (opt-in).

Collect and Use of Information

In order to provide the best possible products and services, we will ask for specific personal information such as your name, e-mail and personal information when you register or when you order a booking. All personal data collected by Friends Escort are knowingly and voluntarily given by customers and visitors to our site. By using the Friends Escort website, you consent to the collection of this information by Friends Escort. We collect your name and email address to provide you with quick access to our website. We use your email address to confirm your appointment, to order or purchase your product. If necessary, a Customer Service Representative contact you by email to resolve any issues. We have security measures in place to protect the loss, abuse and alteration of the information under our control.
Any information you provide will be used:
• to enhance and personalize website content and services to enhance your experience;
• to improve our customer service, and
• to contact you about site updates, special offers, new products and services.

Choice / Opt-out

Friends Escort allows customers to withdraw (opt-out) and thus to receive no more information or communications from us any longer. We give you the following options to change your information in our database, and choosing to not further communication to receive, to delete your profile and to delete your person data. You can send an email to 1. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or 2. you can call the following number: +316-17 14 15 18.

Terms and Conditions

Friends Escort can not be held liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the website or the information made available on or through the website.
These Terms and Conditions are governed exclusively by Dutch law. All disputes arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions, including disputes over the applicability and validity thereof, shall be settled by the competent court in Rotterdam.

Registration Friends Escort

Friends Escort is a legally registered escort company. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Rotterdam under the Commercial Register . Our license to operate an escort service has number es.P.0179711.2016. About our services we lift the 21% VAT rate. Our VAT number is .

House Rules

- The escort employee may refuse customers.
- The escort employee may refuse service.
- The escort employee may refuse alcohol and/or drugs.
- The escort employee works safely and always use a condom.

Prices, Payment and Billing

The prices listed on our site are included 21% VAT, including travel expenses, to a maximum of 100 km one way starting from Rotterdam. No extra fee is charged for payments by bank transfer, cash, crypto coins or debit card. When you pay with Credit Card you pay 5% extra costs. Our prices are all clearly displayed on our website. During the booking you can indicate how you wish to pay. There are no discounts, prices are not negotiable and must all be payed in advance the appointment or date with the escort.

Bank Transaction: Payment via bank is always possible if your payment arrives to us beforehand booking. No extra fee is charged.
- Dutch bank account: At least 2 days in advance.
- Foreign bank account: At least 4 days in advance.

Cash / Down Money: This is the most common way of paying. At the date with the escort, you can pay Cash beforehand to the escort or the driver. No extra fee is charged.
- Cash payment in Euros: Our drivers and/or our escorts do not have change with them.
- Cash payment in USD or GBP: We calculate the exchange rate of the day through Please inform us in advance.

Credit Card: We accept Visa and Mastercard via our Mobile Pin Device. You pay 5% extra costs for using a Credit Card.
- Beforehand, you can specify (when booking) you want to pay through the Mobile Pin Device by credit card. Upon arrival, you can pay at the escort or driver by credit card via the Mobile Pin Device.
- Through PayPal you can also pay by Credit Card. This must be done at least 8 hours before the appointment.

Crypto Coins: With Crypto Coins you have the opportunity to anonymously and discreetly make your payment. We use CoinPayments. Here you can pay with Crypto Coins like Bitcoin. No extra fee is charged. For more information: You have to pay no later than 8 hours before your appointment.

Debit Cards: It is possible to pay by Debit Card via our Mobile Pin Device. In advance (when booking) you can indicate that you want to pay by Debit Card. Upon arrival you can pay at the escort or the driver with your Debit Card by Mobile Pin Device. No extra fee is charged.
- Dutch Debit Cards: We accept all Dutch Debit Cards.
- Foreign Debit Cards: We accept foreign Debit Cards with the Maestro logo.

In the event of a technical failure of the available Mobile Pin Device, everything will be done in order the payment can take place. There can be chosen to pay in an other way, for example, a different method of payment at an ATM. The extra time involving this other payment method is not deducted from your booking. The related travel expenses come fully at our expense offcourse.
Deposits will not be returned. Outstanding payments are valid for a maximum period of 12 months following the lapse. If a large deposit is done with the intention to use it for multiple bookings, the period of validity starts at the time the payment arrives or the date of the last entry is paid.
If a payment is not fulfilled in time we will send you a reminder by e-mail or phone. If after 5 days still no payment is received by us we are forced to call in a collection agency. Additional costs are for your account.
You can receive an invoice after each booking. We use the bill a registered name and discreet consultancy. We do not recommend to include our invoice in your business accounts as this is a private issue.
The escort will be according to the standard procedure, after arriving at you, always call us if everything is to your liking. This is just to let us know that she arrived safely and that you are happy with your escort choice.

Age Employees and Customers

All escorts who work for our company Friends Escort are 21 or older. We only work with escorts who can work legally and registered in the Netherlands. In no way we want escorts which are forced to do this work and/or do this work against their will.
To make use of our service, the minimum age for customers is 21 years. If the escort doubts about your age, you will be asked to give your identification. If you can not meet these requirements, the booking is terminated. We will charge you a minimum booking of 2 hours.


We will do everything to make bookings run smoothly. The escorts of Friends Escort and management of Friends Escort are not liable for the execution of bookings, any damage caused by bookings or related to bookings, regardless of whether the claim is based on another contract or legal basis, provided that intention or gross negligence allegedly committed by Friends Escort.

Minimum Booking Duration & Minimum Notice

Our escorts can be booked in the Netherlands from a minimum booking of 2 hours. The minimum booking for most European destinations is between 12 and 16 hours and between 24 and 48 hours to worldwide destinations. The sooner you place your booking, the greater the chance that your first choice escort is available. We use a minimum time of 3-4 hours. So you have to place your booking at least 3-4 hours in advance. Preferably, at least one day in advance to reserve your booking. Last minute bookings are not possible. We are available by phone from 10:00 till 23:00 o'clock for advice, questions, information and bookings.


Our escorts and drivers are punctual and do their best to be on time. However, it is sometimes possible that the escort with driver, through unforeseen circumstances can be to late. We do everything to be always on time. When we are 20 minutes or more to late, you are entitled to free of charge to cancel the booking. This only applies to bookings placed more than 8 hours in advance. This does not apply for short term bookings or bookings outside the Netherlands. Naturally, we will inform you as soon as possible if your escort could arrive later.
It can also happen that you are later than planned. If this happens, please let us know as soon as possible. If you inform us in advance and you are less than 20 minutes later than planned, there will be no deduction of time. If you are more than 20 minutes late then the this time will be deducted from the booking. Please try to inform us always when you probably will come too late.

Clients Requirements

Friends Escort does not discriminate on grounds of nationality or ethnicity. Our motto: "Everyone is special and everyone wants to be seen as important." All customers with a minimum age of 21 years are welcome. Mutual trust, respect and discretion is important, and your data is discrete and anonymous with us. There will always be asked beforehand to legitimacy. If you can not or will hand this to us we are forced to cancel or to terminate the booking. You owe us to pay the minimum booking of 2 hours. The booking can be refused by: lack of hygiene, an inappropriate location, harassment, unwanted services, demand for services without condoms, alcohol and/or drug use, or an undesirable attitude.

Location Requirements

Our escorts can visit you in any hotel. Of course our escorts are available to visit you in your private home. Our escorts are not available for appointments in unhygienic unpleasant locations, unsafe neighborhoods, cars, rendezvous hotels, sex clubs, student rooms or sex cinemas.

Types of Booking

The escorts are available for the Friends Booking, the Friends&Lover Booking and the Lover Booking.

Friends Booking
With this kind of booking it is not allowed to kiss, to hug or touching each other in a different way. There is no intimacy and/or erotic contact between you and the escort. If you book for one night a Friends Booking you need to book a private room for the escort in a hotel aswell. If you ask for sex acts during a Friends Booking, you have to change the booking to a Friends&Lover Booking or a Lover Booking. You can instruct the escort to contact us. We will then contact you to discuss the possibilities and changes.

Friends&Lover Booking
Friends Escort uses a special Friends&Lover Booking from 2 hours. A Friends&Lover Booking is a booking where you will meet your escort in your hotel or private residence. Then you will experience together a romantic dinner on location to get to know each other better. After dinner you go together back to your hotel or private residence. More than half of the time you spend together at a Friends&Lover Booking is publicly in the form of a dinner, theater, concert or other entertainment facilities. At a Friends&Lover Booking is no intimacy before dinner, but hereafter there is intimacy.

Lover Booking
Friends Escort uses a Lover Booking which starts at a minimum of 1 hours. During the Lover Booking is the whole time intimacy possible. You will receive your escort at the hotel or at your private residence.

Alcohol and Drugs

Our escorts are social drinkers or wish to drink no alcohol at all. Many alcohol use is not allowed and will be rejected by the escort. We have a very strict anti-drug policy. We ask you never to provide drugs and/or much alcohol to our escorts. If you decide to consume drugs and/or much alcohol it is your own responsibility, but if the escort feel uncomfortable with it, the escort has the right to terminate the reservation without refund.

Safe Sex

Our High Class Escorts only have safe sex. This means that the protection will be used for all types of sex, including oral sex. The escort always decide where she feels comfortable with. You should always respect the escort position, here can not be waived. Sex without a condom is taboo. If you ask during an appointment or date repeatedly for unsafe sex, it is the reason to terminate the booking immediately without refund.

Additional Manners

Our motto's, life wisdom and manners are:
– Everyone is special and everyone wants to be seen as important.
– Do not criticize, do not complain and do not condemn.
– Show your appreciation, honest and sincere.
– Awaken an eager desire in the other.
– Ask sincere interest in others.
– Laugh and have fun with others.
– Remember that a person's name for that person is the most important and sweetest sound.
– Be an attentive listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
– Talk about things that interest your interlocutor.
– Give the other person feel that he is important and do it sincerely.
– There is only one way to get out in a disagreement - namely by avoiding dispute.
– Show respect for the opinions of others. Never say, "You are wrong!".
– If you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically yours.
– Pack it in a friendly way.
– Always try sincerely to see things from the perspective of the other.
– Show compassion and understanding for the ideas and desires of the other.
– Begin with praise and honest appreciation.
– Ask questions, instead of giving orders.
– Do the right thing and don't be evil.
Mutual respect and discretion is key. It is expected of you two together to offer a pleasant stay. For bookings of 24 hours or longer, it is required that the escort has about 2 hour private time. Herein, the escort can devote time to her personal care or contact with home. Also give your escort the opportunity to call our office every day and have access to the internet. Your escort want to have at least 6 hours of sleep each night and eat at least three meals a day at your expense. It is desirable, but not required, with a booking longer than 24 hours, to give your escort its own hotel room.

International Bookings

General Information
Most of our High Class Escorts are resident in the Netherlands. You can also book the escorts for international destinations. For most European cities there is a minimum booking of 12 hours. In other cities around the world, a minimum booking of 24 to 48 hours is required. Our escorts need at least a day of preparation for European destinations. The escorts need at least two days preparing for a worldwide destination. More preparation time is always preferred.
Our high class escorts only travel to safe destinations with a positive travel advice. The escorts must be accessible and need to be safe at all times. For international bookings, a deposit is required by bank, Paypal or Crypto Coins of 100% of the booking fee and 100% of the travel costs. Please remember that you need to pay 21% additional tax on top of the ticket/visa/taxi fares.

Travel Methods
The booking period for foreign destinations is including travel time. You may choose the travel method, assuming of course that is safe. Common is to use the Friends&Lover Booking because you and your escort need time for traveling. During the trip you have time to meet eachother.

General Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy applies when the escort is not what you expected, in terms of personality or appearance. You can cancel the booking if you want to cancel within the first 10 minutes after entering the event. It is not possible to cancel if: the escort already is been touched, the escort already has been stripped or the escort itself refuses the booking. The escort itself can refuse the booking to: lack of your hygiene, unsuitable location, inappropriate behavior or attitude, asking for unsafe sex, if you have a sudden business/personal appointment.
Bookings outside the Netherlands can not be canceled. In situations where the escort canceled the booking, you will be asked to reimburse the minimum booking time(2 hours). As a customer you have the possibility to express your dissatisfaction with your escort within the first 10 minutes of the appointment. If you are dissatisfied with your escort within 10 minutes you can ask for another escort, you can make up only one-time use. We will have to make a new appointment. If the second escort then again, is not satisfactory, we can unfortunately help you, no further. If you as a client accepts the escort for a booking, the agreed rate (is) payed and the booking continues without declaring any displeasure to our office during or after booking we are not liable for any refund. You are as customer, number 1,2 and 3. Your satisfaction is most important for us and if you have any comments about us, our escorts or our service please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very grateful.

Escort Cancels
The unexpected and unlikely event that an escort by private circumstances cancel her booking with you, the reasons can be such as illness, sudden urgent family emergencies and other unforeseen reasons, dilapidated possible cancellation rates. Obviously you can, without charge, make a later appointment. We can, if possible, arrange an alternative escort for you. It is not possible to hold Friends Escort and/or the canceling escort responsible in any way whatsoever for possible damages, expenses, etc. resulting from such cancellation. We do offer our sincere apologies for this uncomfortable situation.

Cancellation International Bookings
To cancel an international booking we will try only to offset the costs already been made for reservations, tickets etc. with your deposit. If the international booking with our escort is canceled for the day of departure (within 24 hours before departure) cancellation costs of € 200,- will be calculated per 24 hours of the original booking time per escort. If the international reservation is canceled on the day of departure (within 8 hours before departure) the cancellation fees are calculated: as the booking amount per 24 hours of the original booking duration of the escort.

Cancellation Domestic Bookings
We understand that unforeseen circumstances may unfortunately cause you to cancel your booking. If your reservation is canceled 24 hours or more in advance, we are very grateful that you had informed it that fast. We hope you quickly want to make a new booking. If you cancel and you indicate this to us until 8 hours in advance, we are very grateful and you can make a new booking without more cost. If you cancel your booking within 8 hours to 4 hours, you must pay a cancellation fee of €200,-. If you cancel a national booking within 4 hours, we ask you to pay the minimum booking of 2 hours. The escort has stabbed a lot of time in preparing in its appointment with you, perhaps the escort is already underway with the driver. If you want to cancel while the escort just arrived we ask you to do this within the first 10 minutes of the appointment. If you are dissatisfied with your escort within 10 minutes you can ask for another escort, you can make up only one-time use. We will have to make a new appointment. If the second escort then again, is not satisfactory, we can unfortunately not help you any further.

Discretion and Confidentiality

Protecting Your Data
Discretion, trust and integrity are our company's most important thing. All information you give us will not be sold or given to third parties without your permission. Your details are kept confidential and are only used for verification for bookings, pending membership requests for payments and cancellations. The information will remain confidential at all times and only with us. If you require extra discretion you can indicate this in your email to us. We do our best to keep all your data confidential . All our escorts sign a confidentiality agreement and all information sent is transmitted via our website using a secure connection (SSL). If the unfortunate circumstance occur that your details are yet known Friends Escort cannot be held liable.


In order to offer an optimal service we use on this web site cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed by a website on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. This cookie can be retrieved during a subsequent visit to the same site. The cookie can not be read by a website other than the one that created it. We use cookies to remember your language. These cookies are anonymous and not linked to a profile on you, so Friends Escort can not trace back to an individual person. You also have the possibility to configure your browser so that it warns you when a cookie is created or that your browser prevents the creation of a cookie.

Safety and Protection

The safety of our escorts is the most important for us. We use every opportunity to assist our escorts to protect them from insecurity. Security is present if the escort requests it. Our escorts are accompanied by a driver who brings them to customers. Customers who attempt to deceive, intimidate, abuse or attempt to undermine security in a different way of our escorts will be prosecuted in accordance with Dutch law. With abuses the Friends Escort management will be approached immediately. The management will approach the customer and then will turn to the police.

Reviews, Pictures, Photos

Friends Escort has a strict No Reviews Graphic policy. It is then strictly forbidden to circulate resencies, recordings and photos of escorts. We will do everything to find out the perpetrators and to remove it. We ask you to comply with these privacy of our escorts and therefore to place nowhere reviews, pictures or recordings. We are open to your comments about your experiences with our escorts and kindly ask you to report it to our office. Your experience with us is important and ensures that we can improve the services and those of our escorts even more.

Refuse Clients

Friends Escort, its management and staff have the right at all times to refuse people as a client. This can be done without explanation. Other possible grounds for refusal; inappropriate behavior, appearance or hygiene, or simply limited availability of escorts. Without any reason a customer may be refused. Friends Escort Service is not responsible for your disappointment if a booking can not take place due to limited availability or unavailability of the office/telephone.
Our escorts have the right to accept a booking or refuse a booking without giving a reason. It is not required to stay in the presence of a client with whom she does not feel comfortable. The escorts are also not obliged to comply actions where they feel uncomfortable with. All services as mentioned on the website at the profile of the escort are all a choice of escort. We can not guarantee satisfaction. Satisfaction and gratification in the broadest sense of the word, is a direct result of your interaction with the escort, and something which Friends Escort can not guarantee.

Copyright and other Intellectual Property Protection

Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on this website, including but not limited to photographs, logos, other graphics, illustrations, text, video, images, audio clips and written and other material protected by copyright, copyright and other intellectual property protection, or used with permission of its owners by Friends Escort. This website is protected in its entirety by copyright, copyright and other intellectual property protection. All rights reserved. The name Friends Escort, logos, images and all other Friends Escort related marks displayed on this website, registered or unregistered, are trademarks or service marks of Friends Escort. The material displayed on this site is for informational and promotional purposes. This website is only for private, personal and non-commercial use of its visitors. You may not download or copy any material from this website. No right, title or interest in any material or software is transferred to you as a result of any such downloading or copying. You may not reproduce (except as expressly set put above), publish, transmit, distribute, display, delete, add, modify, otherwise, create derivative works of creation, sell or participate in any sale of, this website, one of the materials on this website or related software. Any other use of materials on this website, including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above, modification, distribution or republication, without the prior express written consent of Friends Escort, is strictly prohibited.

Links to other Websites

This website may contain links to other websites. Friends Escort is not responsible for the availability, content or material on, or obtained by, any of these websites. Any link to another site, and reference to third party information, products or services linked to this website is not, and should not be construed as an express or implied endorsement of Friends Escort. Any questions or comments relating to such other sites should be addressed to the operator or operators of these websites.

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