We are privileged to promote the best Love Dolls. You will find beautiful and dazzling companionship.

Before you buy you can Experience the Real Lover Sex Dolls. You can rent a Doll and find out how you relate to your heart wish sweetheart.

More and more people want to try a Real Lover Sex Doll, because of their beauty and especially the unrestrictedness that can be experimented with. As suggested by the Lover Sex Doll Experience (SDE), this gives you a very new experience.
We have 4 Lover Dolls for experimenting. One Doll of 125 cm and three Dolls of 168 cm. We will ask for a deposit, but if you return the Lover Doll nicely, you will get the deposit back. The rent is €195 per day for Piper and €295 for Bunny, Pussycat and Venus (24 hours). You will receive €145 back if you decide to buy a Lover Doll. The deposit amount for the 125 cm Lover Doll is €500 and for the 168 cm Doll it is €1200. We will bring and pick up the Lover Doll to your address, if you live within a 100 kilometer radius of Rotterdam. If you live further away we charge €0,95 per kilometer extra (bring and pick up) to your address.

The prices for renting and experimenting are listed below.

Name Body Type – Specification Price in € per day
Piper 125cm 30C – Bust * Waist * Hip (69*42*64cm) 18kg €195 + €500 Deposit
Bunny 168cm 34D – Bust * Waist * Hip (86*50*80cm) 36kg €295 + €1200 Deposit
Pussycat 168cm 34D – Bust * Waist * Hip (86*50*80cm) 36kg €295 + €1200 Deposit
Venus 168cm 34D – Bust * Waist * Hip (86*50*80cm) 36kg €295 + €1200 Deposit

By clicking on the pictures you can enlarge them.

  • Piper-01-375
  • Piper-02-375
  • Piper-03-375
  • Piper-04-375
  • Piper-05-375
  • Piper-06-375
  • Piper-07-375

  • Bunny-01-375
  • Bunny-02-375
  • Bunny-03-375
  • Bunny-04-375
  • Bunny-05-375
  • Bunny-06-375
  • Bunny-07-375

  • Pussycat-01-375
  • Pussycat-02-375
  • Pussycat-03-375
  • Pussycat-04-375
  • Pussycat-05-375
  • Pussycat-06-375
  • Pussycat-07-375

  • Venus-01-375
  • Venus-02-375
  • Venus-03-375
  • Venus-04-375
  • Venus-05-375
  • Venus-06-375
  • Venus-07-375


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We have with these Sexy Dolls the highest possible entertainment and fun available.